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More time for what matters.


DuraHeart LVAS does the work of a failing heart.

Giving more time and options to patients and caregivers.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with severe heart failure, there is hope. The DuraHeart LVAS is a mechanical circulatory device that does the work a failing heart would do if it could. It’s been proven to provide safe, long-term support for patients who are unable to receive a heart transplant, due to donor availability or other factors. In fact, there are patients who received a DuraHeart LVAS more than 4 years ago who are living active, normal lives.


The main part of the DuraHeart LVAS is a small pump that is specially designed to be gentle on blood cells. That’s important because when blood cells become damaged, complications can occur. And life with fewer complications means more time for the things you love.

Heart Failure
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