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To learn more about the DuraHeart LVAS and what happens before, during and after the implant procedure, see the FAQs.


DuraHeart Therapy

The DuraHeart LVAS helps people with failing hearts by giving them more time and energy to do the things they love.

It’s been proven to provide safe, long-term support for patients who are unable to receive a heart transplant, due to donor availability or other factors. In fact, there are patients who received a DuraHeart LVAS more than 4 years ago who are living active, normal lives.


The main part of the DuraHeart LVAS is a small pump, and it’s also what sets DuraHeart apart from other Left Ventricular Assist Systems. The DuraHeart pump features a unique design that is gentle on blood cells. That’s important because when blood cells are damaged, it can lead to internal bleeding or blood clots. Avoiding these complications is especially important because many heart failure patients are on blood thinning medication. If they must have a blood transfusion during LVAS therapy, their eligibility for a heart transplant is compromised.

Here’s how it works. With an implanted DuraHeart LVAS, blood flows from the patient’s left ventricle along two paths. One path is along the normal route, from the left ventricle directly to the body. The other is through the DuraHeart pump, which removes blood from the heart and propels it through the aorta to the rest of the body. The inside of the pump is engineered to help blood flow through it gently and smoothly. This minimizes the turbulence and friction that can damage blood cells.


The DuraHeart LVAS pump is implanted by a heart surgeon with a specially trained LVAS team. Because of its small size, the pump fits comfortably inside a pocket created in the upper abdomen. It doesn’t replace the heart, but is connected to the left ventricle and the aorta to help the weakened heart pump blood. The pump is connected by a cable to a rechargeable battery outside the body. The entire system is designed to be portable and travel easily with patients as they go about their daily activities.


After receiving the DuraHeart LVAS, it’s not unusual for patients to feel better than they have in years. Their energy level is higher and they’re able to enjoy a much better quality of life. Many are able to return to work, resume normal activities and hobbies, and spend time with the ones they love.

The DuraHeart LVAS is built to be durable, simple to use and highly portable. Patients can move about freely for up to five hours using two fully charged batteries, and this time can be extended simply by carrying extra batteries.

Here’s what patients can expect after they receive their DuraHeart LVAS:


The Duraheart Pump
Duraheart Controller
DuraHeart Hospital Console
DuraHeart Inflow Conduit
DuraHeart Outflow Conduit
DuraHeart Batteries
DuraHeart Battery Charger